Because our agility dogs get over it!
Advanced Agility: Because our agility dogs get over it! Fun & Games Agility:
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Technical Agility: Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm Starts TBA $80/dog(members with discount $50) – 6 week/1 hour session. Limit 5 dogs Dog must have completed at least one other agility class and be able to do contact obstacles. This class will work mostly on drills in preparation for upping your game in competition as well as communication between handler and dog and other advanced techniques. 1st and 4th week full international courses with breakdowns. Email: 518)620-6035 Instructor: Douglas Vohnoutka
Agility Agility in 2 Sessions : New Session May 26th, 2022 $80/dog - 7 weeks and Limit 6 dogs per session. Session 1- 5:00- 6:00 pm Pre-Novice-Advanced Beginners Session 2- 6:15- 7:15pm Competition (full courses and some handling techniques) Dogs must be at least 10 months old. Introduction to agility equipment and how to perform obstacles correctly. Teaching handlers how to direct their canine partners on obstacles and around short courses. Please have proof of rabies. Instructor: Pat Prutsman Please call her for information on registering: Home 518-793-9802, Cell 932-3725 or email at
Class Application Class Application Class Application Class Application Class Application Class Application
Agility Improvement Training Course fee is $80.00 for non- members.10am-11:00 am TBA 2022 class limit, 5 people. If you would like to sign up, please email Rosemary Curley Six weeks: First week doing multiple front cross work, second week rear crosses, third work on threadles, fourth week serpes, fifth week distance. The sixth week do a course with variety, walk, tweek, run. One hour for 5 students, hour and a half for 7. Following lessons can be with needed areas to improve.
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NOTICE!! As of Dec. 13th, GFKC will be adhering to CDC  and State Mandates. Masks will be required at all Times during class. At this time observers will be allowed on a limited bassis.
$90.00/dog - 6 week/1hour sessions. Drop ins welcome. $15 per class. Instructor: Chris Argento Please call Chris Argento for information on registering at Tel# 518-824-1279 or email
New Tuesday agility session starts 6/7/2022. Advance beginners/pre-novice 5:30-6:30. Competition 6:45-7:45pm Contact Sondra for more info or to sign up. Pre-requisites: Dog has completed a minimum of 4 full sessions of beginners and/or advanced beginner agility.. Dogs must be skilled/confident on all obstacles and able to run a full course. Proof of rabies required. Kennel Cough recommended. For more information or to register please contact Instructor: Sondra Erickson Email: Phone: (518) 798-329
Introduction to CPE Speedway Games: Starting Wednesday June 15, 2022 at 5:00 PM at the enclosed Glens Falls Kennel Club outdoor ring located at the back of the property. This is a fun new dog sport that dogs of any age can play. Great for young dogs to ready them for the agility ring and for older dogs that may still want to get to there and play with their people. Any dog can play, no experience necessary. Speedway is a collection of games, using mostly tunnels and hoops (no jumping, ground level only). For a better idea, please read up.. SpeedWay.pdf before signing up for the class. We will be doing the games PitStop, Pole Position Solo, Pole Position Teams, Slingshot and Hairpin. Drag racing TBD. You can go on Youtube and see what they fun is all about. There will be a limited registration so please email me at